The Process

A Note From the Director…

When working with artists on music videos I like to set strong intentions around the visual stories we enact for their songs. I believe it is an amazingly potent opportunity to work with each artist and craft a transformative experience to bring their work to life in a personal way.

A music video is not only a time capsule and preservation of the period of an artist’s life and career, but it is also a statement. I like to get very close to the heart of the statement we are trying to make as a collaboration, and use the imagery invoked to tell a story that aligns with that statement.

I see the filmmaking process itself is akin to a sacred initiation, I like to orchestrate my sets like a creative ceremonial retreat. Offering opportunities through each scene to be charged with intention, release, and rituals to bring the heart of the work back to the on set experience.

We open and close every set with a circle for the intention of the work we are creating, and the personal transformation we take part in while creating it. Every process is different, and it is all in alignment with the comfort and personal development of each individual artist. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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