She the Creator

Bioluminescent Film’s
first feature length film.

Set in the isolated town of Port Townsend, WA,
She the Creator is a psycho-spiritual drama about an agoraphobic painter dancing with the line of reality as she is misled by her young and enamored caretaker .

Lilith, an isolated painter with a fascination for alchemy finds her only connection through her caretaker Kat, who cares for Lilith, though with hazy boundaries of morality and professionalism.

As Lilith decides to stop taking her medications, she begins painting for the first time since her trauma years prior. Through reconnecting to her work, Lilith becomes increasingly obsessed with the alchemical process of creation and destruction, finding entities living inside her work.
Both Lilith and Kat become increasingly invested in the completion of her latest series ‘The Elementals’, pushing Lilith’s mental state to the limits and causing the boundaries of her worlds to collide.

This project is currently in post production.

Contact us directly at for more information..

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