She the Creator

The current project at hand is
Bioluminescent Film’s
first feature length film.

She the Creator is an adaptation of Veronica Compton-Wallace’s short story,
“She the Creator” written over 30 years ago.

Rewritten and adapted to screen by her daughter, Juliette Wallace (also directing)– the film is a highly personal and artistic representation of the personification of the artist.
Veronica originally wrote the story semi-autobiographically after being admitted to a State Prison with a life sentence, having only her art and writing as a way to get through the isolation of life in prison.

Now ‘She the Creator’ takes on a life of it’s own as it is developed and curated into the most exciting, intense, and visually stunning work of Bioluminescent Films’ work to date. 


Set in the isolated town of Port Townsend, WA,
She the Creator is a dark surreal narrative of a traumatized painter losing touch with reality as she spirals into the delusions of her paintings.

Lilith, an isolated recluse with agoraphobia finds her only connection through her jaded-poet caretaker Kat, who cares for Lilith, though with hazy boundaries of morality and professionalism.

As she decides to stop taking her medications, Lilith begins painting for the first time since her trauma years prior.
Both Lilith and Kat become increasingly invested in the completion of her latest series ‘The Elementals’, pushing Lilith’s mental state to the limits.

In search of acclaim, fortune, catharsis…the artist can create an entire world–but at what cost?


This project is currently in the pre-production stages & seeking funding!

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