Bioluminescent Films

About Us

Bioluminescent Films is a Production Group focused on disrupting and deconstructing the toxic and patriarchal production model. Bioluminescent has a Women, Non-binary, and Queer focus, meaning we make films that are rooted in telling relevant stories and our team is made up of mostly women, non-binary, and queer people. We do not exclude, but rather want to create a team that is a safe, conscious, and compassionate place for women & lgbtqia people to create and be empowered by a strong and passionate community of creators.

Our production model is focused on catharsis, mental & physical wellbeing, and empowerment for underrepresented voices. It is our intention to uplift and support artists of all kinds who are disadvantaged and we are actively committed to deepening that work.

We integrate simple rituals & treat our projects ceremonially in efforts to keep our team & clients focused, intentional, and creative throughout what can be an intense creation process.

Our rituals are not based in any particular religious practice, and we acknowledge and accept artists from all spiritual or non-spiritual backgrounds.



Bioluminescent Films include:

“She the Creator”- Feature Film coming 2022

Music video for “The Gutter” by Rowan Katz

“Farma Katarka”- Short Film with Serpent’s Temple

Music video for “Clouds” by Larsen Gardens

Music video for “Salt” by Waterbody

“MYTHOS” – Atmospheric Shorts Series

“Farma Katarka” – Short Ritual Film in Association with The Living Altar

Music video/ Short Film for “What to Do” by Dead Yeti in Association with Off the Wall Artist Collective and Bard Rock Media

Music video/ Short Film for “Yellow Lights” by Eden Page

“Instant” – Short Film

Music Video for “About the Terrible Dream” by Irene Bowen

Music video for “Swords” by Eden Page in Association with Off the Wall Artist Collective

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Booking & Contact

All Music Video, Short Film, Documentative, and Ritual Film work done by a case by case basis, please contact us directly for a quote.