About Us

Bioluminescent films has a Femme and Queer focus, meaning we make films that are rooted in telling femme and queer stories and our team is made up of mostly femme and queer people.
We do not aim to exclude, but to create a team that is a safe, conscious, and compassionate place for femme and queer people to create and be empowered by a strong and passionate community.

 We believe art creation should be cathartic and sacred– films being no exception.
We believe each person in the creative process should have space and respect given to their vision, intention, and the product that comes from their work.

We integrate simple rituals into our filmmaking structure in efforts to keep our team focused, intentional, and creative throughout what can be an intense creation process.
Our rituals are not based in any particular religious practice, and we acknowledge and accept artists from all spiritual or non-spiritual backgrounds.